Looking at a auto loan calculator

Let’s give you the run down one more time. We recently moved from Miami, Florida to the mountains of Southern California. This was a shocking move for everyone. It was even shocking for my car. You see, we have a Miami car. It is a two wheel drive mini-van. In Miami, on the rare days when the temperature dropped below 40, all of the lights in the car would turn on. We figured out that that was because it does not have a ‘Holy crap, it’s cold’ light.

So we drove this car to the mountains where it snows. Our new house is in the mountains of the mountains. Lee says that we live in a tree house. Our driveway has approximately a 45 degree angle. The car huffs and puffs to get to the top of the driveway on the nicest of days and, if it is snowing, there is little hope. Usually on snowy days, we drop it into low gear and gun it, hoping that our momentum will carry us to the top without slamming us into the retaining wall.

Obviously, we are thinking about a new car. I am looking at an auto loan calculator to get an idea on how much we can afford. I would love to have a Jeep. We need something that has four wheel drive. It needs to be a rugged car but at the same time it needs to be able to carry Lee, me and the two boys with an option of including our daughter. This was the reason we had a minivan in the first place. The thing is that our boys are really big and getting bigger by the moment, so number of seats is not as important as leg room. I guess the bottom line is that we need a new mountain car that can hold us all.

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