Watches Are Classy

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We have written about watches as a time piece before. The bottom line is that a watch is not the best time keeping device any more. Cell phones and computers do a better job and we have them with us all of the time. Honestly, Lee and I always have our cell phones and our computer in front of us. But watches are no longer just for time keeping. Our eight year old loves his watch. It is a huge fashion statement but he does not know this. He just thinks that it is cool.

Now we are not talking about putting Michael Kors Watches on to our elementary school child. We do not need his fashion statement to be, ‘Look at me. I am an overindulged little brat.’ We want him to have an appreciation for the history and culture that comes with having a watch on his arm.

When we are teaching our children about watches, we no longer emphasis the necessity of having a watch. We teach them about the class and culture that comes with it. It is in the same category as wearing a tie for a boy. It is a statement of good taste.

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