Watch Out For The Pendulum


          Oh, the times they are a …. NO! Fight it! Don’t allow it. Stop it!

          Lee says: We have been talking about change all week and have stressed that it is natural and needed to move forward. These have been messages aimed to generally encourage people to take emotional risks and embrace changes as opportunities. Some people, however, will take our message to mean something less altruistic and utopian to something more duplicitous and sinister. Let’s face it, everyone knows that any change is the work of the _________ (insert opposite party name here) party and will only lead us to _______  (insert the extreme political agenda here).

          I am middle of the road. I have strong beliefs about many things but politically, I would be considered a moderate. I am conservative fiscally but cannot follow the republican Christian led agenda regarding women’s rights or marriage equality. I am liberal socially but cannot follow the bleeding heart Barbra Streisand agenda of we must rescue everyone because they aren’t smart enough to do it themselves. I believe in the American people and have respect for our ability to get things done.

          Recently though, the fear mongering has reached a fever pitch and the word ‘Change’ has become something akin to the ‘n’ word. Change, for a segment of society, has become synonymous with socialism. 20 years after the cold war has been over, we are now resurrecting the Red Scare all in the name of fear of change. I mean, come on, calling our president a communist or socialist is as anachronistic as talking about someone being the Cat’s Meow. What the hell does that language or system have to do with life in 2010?

          But this is the paranoia that is caused when people fear something different. I know people bristle when race is brought into the picture. Interesting that people are becoming more angry over race being called an issue than the act of racism itself. ‘Pulling the race card’ is tantamount to calling out your Mama. The point I’m making is that when forced to change, people feel panicked which can cause delusions and psychosis. The need to demonize and create lies and exaggerate something stems from the extreme delusion caused by the fear of change.

          I mean, I live in the same country you do and I am still looking for those dramatic changes that people are protesting against. Are gays allowed to marry? Is Castro sipping Mojitos on Miami Beach? Are billionaires penniless now and the poor living high on the hog? Are illegal aliens riding in limousines? Have we dismantled the police, military or pulled back all defenses leaving our asses exposed to the impending assault? My real question is what the hell has changed so dramatically that people are protesting?

          To a lesser degree, this is akin to when Bush Jr. was elected after the ‘chad debacle’. There were lawsuits and crying and gnashing and fist shaking and shouts of ‘stolen election’ and general fear and upset. Those who felt robbed then imagined their worst nightmares. They went to the extreme of telling the elderly that the government would cut off their Medicare and steal their Social Security. They ranted about back-alley abortions and the loss of the middle class. A land where the white man was king and anything different was stuck washing their big, gas guzzling cars. Paranoia is ugly no matter what side it comes from.

          Know this. Biology, physics, chemistry, psychology and sociology all agree on the same thing. Change is inevitable but everything seeks equilibrium. In other words, we can rage against the opposite political party or point of view but we all return to the middle. Homeostasis is the natural order. Relax, I said homeostasis.   

          Paul says: In physics, it is called entropy. This is our fancy way of say that the universe is lazy. It takes a lot of energy to hold your shit together, even if you are a whole cosmos. So the universe opens the belt and lets its gut hang out. But it doesn’t drink beer anymore because it’s trying to loss the belly.

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