Warner Brothers Studio Tour

I was born in Southern California. When people talk of the tourist industry, I usually don’t see why anyone would visit Southern California. Sure, it’s beautiful, the weather is usually perfect, there are a billion things to see and do but this is my home, no big deal. I thought I had seen everything that L.A. County had to offer. Sure, everyone who grows up here at some point in their lives had met or knew of many people who were in the film industry. In fact, when I was in college at Loyola, most of my friends aspired to a career in the film industry. So there was little mystery to that whole part of L.A. for me. Remember, I did voice over work for “It’s Alive 3: Island of the Alive” (1987) for pizza and beer.

          So when I was invited to do the Deluxe Warner Brothers Studio Tour I thought, “big whoop”. I’ve seen it and done it all here. Well, I was wrong. The Warner Brother’s Studio Deluxe Tour was more than a back lot tour. They literally let us see behind the curtain and experience a working studio. We saw sets of current television shows, props used in the most famous films in history and museum pieces of the Harry Potter series of films and the most famous cars in movies and TV. The lunch at the Commissary Fine Dining Room, which was included in the price, and the museum were worth the price of admission.

I must admit that I am a huge Harry Potter fan and totally geeked out in the museum whose entire second floor was dedicated to Harry Potter props, costumes and cool stuff. You can even get sorted!!! I must complain at this point since I was sorted into Slytherin and treated like a Malfoy I think due to my blonde hair. Aside from the very cool Potter stuff, I did get to see some costumes from my favorite show (Fringe), along with the bell from William Bell’s office and the piano from Casablanca.

This is a must see tour for anyone who loves movies and is ready to see how they make the magic. The Warner Brother’s Deluxe Tour is worth every penny.

Thanks to Warner Brother’s Studios Tours for this amazing opportunity. Sure, they gave me the ticket but all opinions are mine.

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