Valentine Wishes For All The People I Love

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You have my heart. (That is the thing in the cooler, right?)

Valentine’s Day is not just about your lover or partner. It is about the people who have a special place in your heart.

So, this Valentine’s Day, I am sending a special Valentines to my loves….

Jeannie- you hurt my head sometimes but you stole my heart 20 years ago with your bumpy little body and wiggly eyes. I love you!

Bobby- I see what goes on behind those gorgeous eyes. You want everything last week and patience is as elusive as a unicorn. Slow down buddy. Even when you were born you couldn’t wait to grow up. Slow down, buddy.  I love you!

Ricky- what can I say about my monkey….you are something special….I’m not sure what yet but you are something very special. I love you!

Aidi- miss you. Who would have thought so many years ago while leg wrestling that I would love you this much? Not me! I love you!

Georgie- If I never said it before, I will say it now, I’m sorry I pulled your hair so much when we were little. I miss you and love you! (I know you miss me when you play softball.)

Mari- I was looking at old wedding pictures with the kids and they asked me where you were. I told them I was mad at you and didn’t invite you. It’s hard to think of my life without you in it. I love you, my little sister.

Bob – Big brother and mentor. Thank you for sharing a “fuckem” spirit with me. I love you.

Alex- what can I say, you were my first kid. When I see you, I have to remind myself that you aren’t actually my son.  I love you, Papo!

Mikey- when I look at you, little Dude, I see your Daddy (which would explain why I want to pull your hair). Stay sweet. I love you!

Gabby- oh, little middle child….I get you. I love you!

Sophie- hey, get out of your room! Life is enjoyed in relationship! I love you!

Mom and Dad- what do you say to the people who gave you everything? Thank you and I love you!

My pooky- I can’t lie….you have the biggest piece of my heart. I can be awesome because I know you have my back and I can break down because I know you will care for me. You support me, challenge me, coddle me, push me, love me and make me laugh every single day. I could not ask for anything else from my partner. I love you!

Happy Valentine’s to all my loves and everyone else that I love…(I love a lot of people). You know who you are…

Now go love people.

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