Twyxt To Communicate With Your Loved One

We found something new for CoupleDumb’s Favorite Things!

We have been married for a long time. One of our secrets is that our relationship is our priority. We do little things to remind each other that we are important. A text message. A Facebook update. An inside joke. A reminder of a memory that we created long ago.

Twyxt and some sexy chat

This is why we love this new app from Twyxt available in iTunes and Android. It is a social media platform just for the two of you. The app was designed for a couple to keep in touch on a very personal, private platform. It has a ton of features that help not only to stay intimate but share the important things of life.

Messaging- There messaging was especially designed for a couple. Their smiley faces go beyond a kiss and include sharing your moods from happy to horny.

Calendar- The calendar is more than sharing soccer games. It also helps you save special memories and becomes a couple journal.

Lists- If you are like us, you are run by your to do list. The list feature allows you to share your list with your partner and it stays updated on both sides.

Photos- Share photos with your partner that are meant only for the two of you and create memories that you will be able to share for a long time.

Soon they will be coming out with a virtual shoebox for couples to keep their e-keepsakes from great text messages to pictures.

The best part of this app is that it is secure. All text and photos are encrypted so that you are only sharing with your partner. And, if your phone gets misplaced or stolen, they are well protected. is free to download on iTunes and Android. Make your smartphone also smart about love, go download Twyxt right now.

We would like to thank Bianca Loew for her great idea and speaking with us about it.  We were not compensated in any way for this feature. All opinions are ours.

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