Turbo Family Challenge

We have 3 kids, two dogs, a very busy schedule and a million things to do. Goals are a reality of life and we have short term and long term ones. We easily manage our goals and are motivated usually by the bajillion things we have to do just to squeeze in a nap. The kids, on the other hand, are another story. We have one who needs to handle her life and career, another who is working on math goals that are self-imposed and the youngest who just needs to stop wiggling long enough to get his chores done. This is why we gladly took on the Turbo Family Challenge with the #TurboFastKit.

Turbo Goals

The kit included:

  • A goal (chore) chart with stickers
  • Blue stopwatch
  • Light-up Turbo headband
  • Pullback Turbo racer/action figure
  • Word magnets
  • Notebook

Turbo Blue Stopwatch


Turbo MagnetsEach goal chart was set up for each child. While one child was timed on math worksheets, the other was timed on sending emails and setting separate goals while the youngest was timed on how fast he could clean up his side of the room (nicely) and put away dishes (his other chore).  They used their word magnets to motivate themselves. With words like “GO” and “Champion” the level of motivation was through the roof. Soon every afternoon was filled with cheers and two little boys wearing Turbo headbands with light up eyes!

Turbo BoyIn less than a week the youngest was doing his chores in record time with minimal wiggling, my mathlete was on his way to his goals and my eldest, well, you just can’t put a stopwatch on ennui, can you?

If you have kids who need a little extra motivation, check out these really cool Turbo themed products. Your kids will appreciate it. Now GO!

Thanks Fox Home Entertainment Insiders for this super cool kit. No other compensation was received  for this post and all opinions are ours.

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