Tropicana Hotel

                As native Angelinos, we know Las Vegas. Sin City was our go-to place for a long weekend vacation from home. And we know the Tropicana hotel or, at least, we thought that we did. What we were remembering was the hotel from Vegas’ seedy past; dark colors, dingy, smoky and uninviting. So when the Tropicana hotel offered us a room, we said yes with a little worry in our voice. Sure, we saw their slogan ‘We’re changing everything’ but how drastically would they change? The slogan didn’t lie. As we walked into the lobby, the music called to Lee’s Cuban soul, hot Salsa that moved her body as her eyes feasted on the new South Beach décor. Gone are the dark tones that gave the disreputable feel of old Vegas, to be replaced with white, candy apple red, and the traditional glint of gold. With the remodel, they had created an atmosphere of fun that was well deserved and long earned.

          We just wanted to drop our bags where we stood and jump into the pool. Voted the Best Pool In Las Vegas, it was one big watery party, with seats all around the perimeter, a swim-up bar, swim-up blackjack, and an inlet that brought the pool indoors and got us out of the sun.

          Our room, with another distinction of Best In Class, was a Paradise Suite. First thing that we did was open plantation shutters to see the incredible view down the strip. There are few things more breathtaking then the lights of Las Vegas and this room offered that in abundance. The second thing we did was throw ourselves down on the furniture. After this whirlwind trip, we where exhausted and our bodies rejoiced that the comfort of the chaise. The bed was begging us to take a nap or, at the very least, sleep in the next day. Most Vegas rooms are utilitarian, giving you a place to wash and sleep before running out for more drink and gambling. With its plasma TVs in each room, this suite was telling you to relax and gain your strength.

          Everyone that we met, from Shaunielle to Matthew the manager to Wendy at the pool to the lovely Asian lady that was cleaning the elevator,  genuinely cared about our experience. Either the Tropicana Hotel is doing a lot of training on customer service or they are taking the time to hire genuinely caring people. We believe it is the latter. You cannot train people to be genuine. 

          CoupleDumb highly recommends the Tropicana. Thank you Tropicana for this magical experience.

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