Toy Story Action Link Stunt Set

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          Another Toy Party! We have a standing rule at our home: When one of us parties, we all do. So when we were chosen to host a Toy Story Action Link Stunt Set party, we were very excited. Toy Story 3 was one of the best films this year and our kids adored it. In fact, we bought it the day it came out on DVD. For an added feel of realism, we had the film playing in the background while we busted open the boxes and got to work assembling the Action Link Stunts. Good thing we received plenty of action figures because the younger kids (5 and 6) were not able to participate in the building. Many of the figures did not easily grasp the lines or pins they were supposed to be on for the stunts. Some pieces did not fit easily without a little show of force either.[ad#Digg]

          Once we hooked it the stunt sets together, the kids watched as one stunt set off the next. We rearranged the order a couple of times and then the kids lost interest. The adults played for a while longer. Because of the smaller pieces, we picked up the sets and the kids enjoyed the rest of the afternoon playing with the action figures. They recreated scenes from the film, taking a bit of creative license with the dialogue and use of weaponry. The Stunt Sets were then cannibalized and used separately with the action figures.

          The next day, our boys were still playing with the action figures but ignored the play sets. Our 6 year old stated ‘It’s a little confusing. It’s easier and funnier to play with the action figures.’ Out of the mouth of babes.

          Thanks to Mattel, Toy Story and BSM Media for the box of Toy Story Goodies. We received no other compensation for this review or In Home Party. All opinions are our own (including that of our 6 year old).

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