Top 5 things women don’t get about men


          If you have read CoupleDumb, you know we have little respect for the concept that men and women are from different planets. We often point out our similarities and how we ultimately want the same things of life. However, every now and then, there are some things women do not understand about men. This is universal. You can go up to any woman on the street and they will not understand or perhaps they have created a hypothesis regarding their man’s proclivity to something so incomprehensible. Here is the CoupleDumb list of what women don’t get about men. Please add your own in the comments.

          5. Their inability to smell themselves.

          Seriously, you can’t smell that? No, sweaty is not sexy. Did you roll around in something?

          4. Crankiness.

          Men never grow out of their ability to be cranky. Women evolve into bitchiness and Pre-menstrual but men get that wet diaper, need a nap crankiness that drives you crazy with your kids.

          3. Tosh.0

          I will admit that I like the show. However, not to the point where I almost pass out from lack of oxygen because I’m laughing so hard. I wince but I still appreciate it. To Paul, it is an epiphany on the order of fusion and string theory. To me, it’s gross and gratuitous nut shots.

          2. Their ability to fall asleep.

          Paul can literally kiss me good night and fall into REM sleep in one breath. I don’t get it. Wish I did. This isn‘t a sex thing either but I will admit that bothers me too. After sex and clean up and snuggling he can sleep like someone slipped him a Mickey but it takes me a little while to calm down again.

          1. The ability to think about nothing.

          No, this isn’t Zen it’s annoying.

          Men and women are only different on the outside but when the shit hit’s the fan we all have the same priorities. How we go about getting what we want or expressing ourselves tends to draw the line between men and women. We process and collaborate and gain consensus while men approach things with trial and error. That becomes an issue in some areas of life like tight rope walking, bonsai shaping, heart surgery, bomb defusing and relationships.

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