Top 5 ‘Celebrities’ that should lose their status

Vikings are cool. but cool.

          5. Any Reality Star

          It has to be said. Enough already. All of you Reality Stars are famous for sending in an application, getting chosen because you were an oddity or a whore or an idiot and then publicly humiliating yourself before a television audience. You have no discernible talent. And no, vomiting and getting DUIs are not talents. We think we can actually make this happen if clubs stopped paying these people to show up at parties. Honestly, are you really going out of your way to go see Snooki or one of the bitches from the Hills?

          4. Lindsay Lohan

          It’s just sad now. We don’t know what’s worse, being Lindsay stumbling out of the club, tripping in front of her house, telling Niecy that she is a hoarder or the general public for watching it. The woman is a cautionary tale wrapped in a movie of the week with no resolution stuffed into a drug addiction documentary. The funny part is that at this point she would take any of those roles.

          3. Melissa Ethridge

          We use to like her. When her first album came out we were floored by her grittiness and her sound was different. The other day, we were in the car and her new song came on. We couldn’t distinguished the new one from the last one or the one before. All of her music sounds the same and is just sounding like this angst-ridden tripe and you get the idea of why she can’t maintain a relationship. Sure she’s all passionate and fiery but she sort of buckles with the long term, routine of things. Get some help, Sweetie.

          2. Any Singer who is a douche

          This one is a catch all which includes people like Kanye, John Mayer and Yes, there are more. These are only examples. Like Billy Corgin from the Smashing Pumpkins is definitely vying for a position in the Douche conga line. These are the type of people that think that what they have to say is important. That we should listen. That we should care. Nah…

          1. Sarah Palin

          We will admit in the beginning, when she had yet to open her mouth and just the brief bio, we were looking forward to having her in the political arena. A young mother, wife, governor.  We had things in common. She was in her 40s. She had a kid with special needs. Where we perked up and changed our minds is when she opened her mouth. Now, our differences are numerous for example we know when we‘re being stupid, our IQs are in the triple digits while hers isn’t even a passing grade on a test and we have never hung out of a helicopter shooting at endangered animals. These may not seem like big differences to you but they are deal breakers for us.

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