Top 10 things to say ‘Thank you’ for

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              Lee says:

          10. Non Dairy Creamer: I love this stuff. It makes my coffee yummy! I have been known for traveling with a baggy full of off-white powder that I use for my pick-me-ups. I am willing to get busted for suspicion of possession. So, if you ask me how I like my coffee I say, ‘Like my men, white and sweet!’

          9. Greek Yogurt: I am in my 40s, peri-menopausal with a family history of osteoporosis; I have to get my calcium somewhere. Plus, this stuff has more protein and tastes better than the other yogurts. I like to combine plain Greek yogurt with Uncle Sam’s Cereal (which is a fiber lover’s dream) and some honey. Yummy and healthy!

          8. My Baby: Baby is the name of my little Netbook. I take that everywhere and it even fits in my purse. Baby makes it easy for us to write anywhere without having to set anything up. I even write in the car when I am waiting to pick up my son.

          7. Tom’s of Maine Toothpaste: This year I had the great fortune of finding a new allergy: toothpaste. After several weeks of rashes, I found Tom’s of Maine and it has worked wonders. No more allergies and I can actually brush my teeth. I’m sure lots of people thank Tom’s too.

          6. Fringe: I love this show. I actually get nervous watching it. Great stories.  Great characters. Great!

          5. My family and friends: What can I say, I love being loved.

          4. Ricky: That little monkey makes me laugh every day. He’s a character and I can’t wait to see what he comes up with next. Right now, he is insisting on building a gingerbread house. Now. Now. Now. Oh, and he wants to eat it at the same time. Funny kid.

          3. Bobby: This kid makes me smile. He is so intelligent it makes me wonder what he won’t be able to do in life. He is also charming. He is like a Game Show Host Savant. This is a lethal combo.

          2. Jeannie: This kid makes me proud. Sure, Jeannie likes to do things the hard way but she also makes me work harder and be a better parent. I am thankful for her and know it will be an exciting year for all of us because of her.

          1. Paul: Because he is cute, sexy and mine. (and he edits my writing)

          Paul says:

          10. Sleeping dogs: I love watching our dogs sleep especially when they are dreaming of chasing bunnies.

          9. The Script and all of the other bands that make me cry: I used to be in control of my emotions. Not anymore. Now I cry with every song that comes on the radio. Especially tear promoting for me are the two recent Script songs: The Man Who Can’t Be Moved and For The First Time.

          8. Mr. Spock: Speaking of keeping my shit together, I modeled my younger personality after Mr. Spock. I currently have his emotional control (right before he needs to get laid).

          7. 9:00 PM: The boys’ bedtime is 8 but I know that, by 9, they are asleep. Then Lee and I can sit, hold hands, and watch TV (like Fringe).

          6. Coffee: What can I say? Without it there would be no writing.

          5. My family: Yes, I am thankful for them even though they won’t be reading this.

          4. Friends: I feel safe with them and that is saying a lot. (And they will read this.)

          3. Alex: I am giving him a breakout thanks. I really like the man that he has become.

          2. My kids: They make me shake my head but they keep me laughing especially when I am crying.

          1. Lee: Smart, sexy and funny, she is the trifecta. She makes this adventure of a life something wonderful.

          CoupleDumb thanks all their readers and even those who are just passing through. Thanks for another great year. We have an incredible year coming up with lots of exciting changes in our personal life, a big move and so many more exciting opportunities. Thanks for supporting us.

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  • Hey! I read what you are thankful for. I too am thankful for you both; especially the wonderful niece and 2 nephews that I am blessed to know and love. But I am thankful for the good times, the sad times, and the “oh my God, my side is gonna split” laughing times that we have as a family. Those are my personal favorite. Thank you both for being my sister and brother and people I can turn to when the “shit hits the fan”. I will truly miss you both.

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