To Be Loved – Review Of Michael Bublé’s New Album

There are certain constants in life; a baby’s laugh will always make me smile, a cup of coffee in the morning will bring a smile to my face and an old song cannot be beat. I found out early in life that my Mom and I shared a problem. We were both insomniacs. We spent the nights watching black and white movies. This started my love affair with black and white films and the music in them. The orchestration, lyrics and the smooth voices that sung these beautiful songs stood in sharp contrast to the music of the day. Don’t get me wrong, I loved my punk and new wave music of the 80s but they did not elicit the same response of Sinatra singing “You make me feel so young”.

Michael Bublé’s new album “To be loved” is a great way to introduce many of these wonderful songs to a younger audience. His voice is so smooth you are transported back to a spunky black and white film. The recording is true to the music. He doesn’t try to mess with the original perfection but still puts his Bublé touch. “To love somebody” sounds an awful lot like how I heard it on the radio in the 70s. Bublé’s version of Smokey Robinson’s “Who’s loving you” is soulful and harkens back to the good Motown sounds of yesterday.

What I love about Michael Bublé is that he is true to the music. Yes, music has changed over the years. Remakes are less a repetition of the original intent and more an extrapolation of the feeling of the song modernized to be relevant to our time. Bublé bucks this trend and stays true to what was true to the song when it was first written. It sounded great back then and sounds amazing today.

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