‘Tis The Season

It’s the holidays! Don’t Bah Humbug us! For CoupleDumb, starting November 1st and through January 7th, we are in full-on HOLIDAY MODE! Thanksgiving is just an excuse to say ‘Hey thanks and pass me the stuffing ‘cause I’m starving after putting up 2 million twinkly lights on the house.’ We are those sick Holiday people who start humming Jingle Bells in October and have no issue with a Santa wearing board shorts because he’s snapping picks in August. They decorate the malls for us and we are eternally grateful. Since we are honorary Santa Elves, we thought we would take this week before Turkey Snack Break to offer 10 Holiday Survival Tips.

Tip 1

Start Early: It is not too late to start early. This includes your shopping to cooking to ordering your cards. We even get our Holiday Cards done in October! Check out the Tiny Prints Christmas Cards. 

Tip 2

Commit to getting it done: For some reason, people like to draw out the pain of shopping or getting things ready for the big party. STOP IT! Rip off the band-aid. Bite the bullet. Take a weekend and do it all. Sure, you’ll be tired but the relief is well worth the aching muscles and strained bank account.

Tip 3

Avoid negativity: Have you ever watched ‘Scrooged’ with Bill Murray? He has line in the film where he says ‘Scrape ‘em off, Clair! If you wanna save someone, save yourself!’ The sentiment is wrong but the words are not off base when it comes to saving your sanity. Screw the Scrooges and enjoy the fun!

Tip 4

You don’t have to do everything: Don’t create huge expectations for the holidays. You are bound to be disappointed. This is why adults get depressed around Christmas. It will never be like it was when we were kids no matter what you do so make it different.

Tip 5

Delegate!: Remember when you were Mom and Dad’s remote control? Now it’s time for you to get your little elves to work. If you can’t do it and the kids can’t do it, let it go!

Tip 6

Think ahead: When you take your lights down this year, take the time to wrap them right. You will be eternally thankful for that next October…er November…er whenever you put up your lights.

Tip 7

Keep the mood up-beat!: We tend to put lots of lights up in November to get us in the mood. It works wonders on the kids as well since they think Santa is showing up soon.

Tip 8

Don’t forget to get a gift for yourself: We run ourselves ragged making the holidays perfect for everyone while chanting ‘It’s better to give than receive!’ Bah! Even if you give yourself 10 minutes a day, take it!

Tip 9

Music: Never underestimate the power of cheesy Christmas music. We suggest Alvin and the Chipmunks ‘Christmas don’t be late’. Why? Because we’re freaky like that.

Tip 10

Enjoy: The worst Christmas is better than any other day of the year. Enjoy your family. Set the tone and commit yourself to relax, enjoy and have fun!

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