Tips on How to Keep Your Marriage Healthy

    We all throw up our hands in despair in the middle of an argument with our better halves at times, but that doesn’t mean we love them or cherish them any less than before they had overfed the fish, used the wrong brush to clean up the cat’s mess or invited their mothers over on your anniversary without asking you first.

Vacation Together
Not all marriages are matches made in heaven –indeed, I have yet to see one- which means some of us have to put some extra effort into our relationships and probably one of the easiest ways to do that is by booking a romantic holiday somewhere exotic, like Barbados. You can make the most out of your Barbados holidays by exploring this diving paradise with your partner on your wedding anniversary, or to celebrate the day you first met, or the day the marriage proposal came. But don’t think of your vacation as couples’ therapy. Think of it as the beginning of your new life together.
Barbados is the perfect place to rekindle that old flame because this tiny Lesser Antillean island is secluded and torrid and you’ll most like be spending the greater part of your time on the beach or by a pool, showing off your sun-kissed skin. A very inviting pastime in Barbados is the submarine expedition, which gives you the unique opportunity to marvel at the magnificent life forms that populate the ocean depths. You could also take a tour of the island’s coastline, snuggling together on the ferry’s deck, while exchanging opinions with like-minded couples.
For an unusual experience, visit Harrison’s Cave, with its myriad of stalactites and stalagmites seemingly trying to reach one another, like a symbol of the relationship between husband and wife. Then visit the wildlife reserve for the only chance you may ever have to see a real-life agouti, a caiman or a green tail monkey.
One thing you should know about Caribbean locals is that they like to take things relatively slowly. That being said, when there is so much beauty around to distract you, you will hardly feel the time passing by. Bajan cuisine is so diverse and the cou-cou, the flying fish and the tamarind balls so savory, that you’ll be coming back for more the next day. Additionally, you may find that water is scarce and expensive, so try to avoid any waste. The Caribbean is generally dry and water is hard to come by for the locals.
Barbados is a miracle of nature, with its unspoiled landscape and its lavish fauna. This awe-inspiring paradise will instil a sense of appreciation for life in its many forms and for the relationships within our families, and perhaps even for that most important one of all our liaisons, the marriage. I urge you to escape to Barbados if only for a few days and to see for yourself what an impact it has on your life.

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