Tipping Sacred Cows

CoupleDumb is committed to happiness and believe that everyone has the ability and is entitled to being happy. Of course, the road to happiness may not be pretty and yes, you may get dirty, cry a little and look a mess but we promise it is worth it. On this road to happiness you may need some guidance and inspiration. We strongly recommend Betsy Chasse’s “Tipping Sacred Cows” for a nitty gritty approach to finding your bliss.

Cow Cover

Betty is fearless and writes like we are chatting over a cup of coffee. Her no-nonsense approach and commitment to finding her happiness is an inspiration. We fell in love with Betsy’s work when we saw “What the Bleep Do We Know”. If you haven’t seen it, do it. The movie will leave you open to question all the crap we have been fed that certain topics, certain themes and certain beliefs are sacred. Well, Betsy is here to tell us, STOP IT! This book is her honest look at her sacred cows and how these beliefs limit us. The word inspiration really speaks to the foundation of this book because some spirit stirred this cathartic book.

We strongly recommend all of Betsy Chasse’s works (film and writing). This woman is living her truth and we all need to support individuals who are willing to stand up to the wave of complacency and pull the curtain on the wizard who wants us to stay blind, dumb and stupid. Happiness is a real possibility. You just need to tip a few sacred cows to get there.

We were sent a copy of “Tipping Sacred Cows” for review. No other compensation was received. All opinions are ours and it was our idea to link all of Betsy’s work here because we love her stuff. We are true Betsyphiles!

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