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Unless you have been living under a rock, you know that our environment has taken a beating since humans decided to light the first fire. In my lifetime, we have gone from recycling to conserve our natural resources to making some deep life changes to saving the planet. As a parent, these long-term changes have a deeper meaning. Sure, it’s great to raise a great kid but what world will they inherit? This is why this message is so important. With one simple change you can affect your life and the world in a very positive way.

          CoupleDumb is asking you to take the cold water pledge. P&G, and actress Vanessa Lachay, are asking us to make a simple change from warm or hot water washing to cold water. The benefits of this are enormous not only for our bottom line but the environment.

Did you know:

If everyone in the U.S. washed in cold water, the energy saved:[i]

  • Could power the Empire State Building for 444 years.
  • Is equivalent to the energy produced at the Hoover Dam for 4 years.
  • Could power the streetlights of the “City that Never Sleeps” (New York) for 71 years.

    If a household switched to cold water washing for a year, they would save enough energy to:[ii]

  • Watch TV for 1,363 hours.
  • Play Xbox 360 for 684 hours.
  • Charge an iPhone 4S 30,861 times.
  • Power an average new refrigerator for nearly 4 months.

By switching to cold water washing, Americans could reduce CO2 emissions by up to 11 million metric tons annually.[iii]

By switching to cold water washing, consumers can save energy in a smart, practical way and save up to $63 per year.[iv]

          Tide Coldwater is a specially formulated detergent that provides a deep clean in cold temperatures.  It is a smart, practical choice for consumers looking to cut household costs and utilize the money and energy-saving benefits of using cold water for their laundry.

Switching to cold water is an easy step to making a very positive impact on our environment.

Take the pledge to wash with cold water by going to Future Friendly on Facebook .  Future Friendly invites the public to wash with cold water for the chance to win prizes from P&G each week, including high-efficiency washer and dryer sets and Tide Coldwater detergent. Sign up for the Take A Load Off sweepstakes.

CoupleDumb has taken the challenge. What about you?


By the way, we are blogging on behalf of SheSpeaks/Tide and received VIP perks for attending the event.

[i] Data provided by the Alliance to Save Energy.

[ii] Data provided by the Alliance to Save Energy.

[iii] Data provided by the Alliance to Save Energy.

[iv] Based on national average electric costs (7/04), water heater at 140°F, warm to cold water switch, 7 loads/wk. and assuming the efficiency of electricity generation and transmission of 35%.

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