This Love is Forever – A Review

Occasionally we get a book to review that has us repeating our values. CoupleDumb is the Relationship blog. We believe that human beings thrive in relationship. However, relationships also have a way of destroying even the strongest of individuals. This is why we support happy relationships. Divorce is not a bad word in our vocabulary and we have counseled many a couple to split up in a healthy manner. Separation, break up and divorce could be a very positive thing because it opens you up to the possibility of having a healthy relationship. However, how do you make sure that your children understand this?

Kids are often the fodder in a break up and tend to get lost in the chaos. Being mindful of their feelings during this time is crucial. A good resource for parents who are divorcing is the lovely children’s book, “This Love is Forever” by Mavis Prall Cohen and Lizzie Prall. It is a heartwarming children’s book for children in the midst of a divorce. It is written to be read to a child and illustrated by a child! The words are powerful and economical. The author covers every emotional aspect of the effects of a divorce on a child and carries through the message that the child is loved from beginning to end.

We also enjoyed the fact that they have extra pages in the end for a child to draw their own family situation. It is not a fairy tale with a happy ending of parents reuniting. It is realistic. Mom and Dad are forever your parents but they are no longer going to be married to each other. The author also explains that happiness is the goal and that is the most important lesson of all.

This is a great book for parents who are divorcing and therapists who work with families going through a break up.

We were given this book and compensated for our review. All opinions are ours and we believe this is a lovely book.

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