Think Before You Speak

We have this idea now on the internet that our words fall into this chasm and are never taken seriously. We can tweet our hate or inappropriateness without a care in the world. But before you send out another tweet to your friends using terms that we would never use in real life, we suggest you ThinkB4YouSpeak. There is an amazing Twitter tracker that is catching every “fag” or “that’s so gay” that is bandied about on the twittersphere. Wait, you think people don’t use those words anymore? Think again!
Check out who is saying these words right now!

This is why CoupleDumb is urging you to ThinkB4YouSpeak. These words are filled with hate and will continue the discrimination of the LGBTQ communities. They mean something!!! You are using them in a derogatory fashion thus those people who are identified with these terms are less than us. So, stop using them!!!
We also encourage you today to watch this PSA and take the pledge. Share it with your kids and explain to them that the use of these words is wrong and hurtful. Let’s all eliminate hate speech and hopefully build a more accepting world.

Be part of the army to rid this hate speech from the internet and tweet: How often do people say “fag” or “so gay” on Twitter? Too often. See real-time stats here: #ThinkB4YouSpeak
Share this link so people can see how these words are being used right now.

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