The War On Women Is Real

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According to the Conservative Media Machine, the War on Women is a rouse to inflame hysterical women so that they may vote Democrat. That this fabled War on Women is a farce and Republicans love their Mommies and Sisters and Daughters. It may be that the right loves their Mothers but the idea that women are equal to men has nothing to do with love. The War on Women is real. No, we are not fighting female circumcision or oppression the likes of Malala but our rights as Women and Citizens of the United States are very much in the hands of men who just don’t think we can take care of ourselves or make our own decisions.

How would you define a war? One could argue that when the government wages a war on something we seek first to criminalize the behaviors of our enemy, limit resources of our enemy then, for public support, demonize the behavior of our enemy.

Republicans have done the following the last few years:

1.    Criminalize behaviors: In the first quarter of 2012, 944 different measures were introduced by State Legislators to limit the access to abortion. Laws enacted that would require invasive procedures like internal ultrasounds were introduced to make an abortion more difficult to have after a woman witnessed the little baby growing inside of them. Some of the laws limited insurance coverage and even reduced the time that abortions could be performed. Paul Ryan and his cronies tried to redefine rape as “forcible rape” and many Republicans shared their views on “legitimate rape” and enlightened us on how the female body shuts down unwanted babies without needing medical intervention. Joe Walsh just said that there is no such thing as women’s health being threatened by a pregnancy! The concept of “personhood” has been reintroduced which would give a fetus the right to light and property. This redefinition of life would, in its spirit, criminalize abortion as murder and outlaw many forms of birth control.

2.    Limiting a woman’s resource is not that difficult to do. Women make up more than 47% of the entire workforce and only make .77 on the dollar and African American women earn .64 on the dollar. The more education a woman has the greater the disparity in wages. Women work 3 times longer than a man to achieve a promotion.  28.7% of households headed by women live in poverty as compared to 13% of households headed by men. The Lilly Ledbetter Act simply gives women the opportunity and legal right to sue for discrimination when there is a wage disparity. Previously, women were limited to bring suit within the 180 of the first paycheck earned making a lawsuit fighting discrimination virtually impossible unless the woman knew she was entering a position where her male colleagues were  getting more money. The law had already been shot down by Republicans but revived by Democrats and signed by President Obama despite the Republican Red Line.  And, despite the back and forth of this week’s Romney Campaign, we know Romney would not have signed this Act. When asked directly whether he would have signed the Act, he went on to wax poetically of his time as Governor and his “binder full of women”.  Paul Ryan voted against it. The same Ryan who co-sponsored the forcible rape laws, personhood amendments and cast 59 votes which were anti-abortion.

3.    On Tuesday’s debate, Mitt Romney, when asked about gun control, aside from completely lying about the assault weapons being illegal (not since the Clinton Assault Weapon’s Ban ran out during George W. Bush’s watch), he alluded that single parents somehow were related to gun violence. Sure, he said that sometimes marriage is not possible but it is the only way to keep these kids off the street. His logic would be that if we are all married we wouldn’t be poor. Women are called “feminazi’s” if they demand equality. Women are called “baby killers” if they fight for choice. Women are called “sluts” if they want birth control. Republican Georgia State Representative Terry England compares women to “cows” “Pigs and chickens”. And worst of all, when we say as women that we feel that there is a definite agenda that is threatening to all women, we are mocked and patted on the head.

The question of choice is at stake in this election. When the Left defends a woman’s choice, the Right counters with a baby’s right to life. A baby’s life supersedes any circumstance of a mother. The mother could have been raped or molested and, according to Republimedicine, these occasions do not cause pregnancy. Or, as Paul Ryan has said, “rape is just another form of conception”. Women have now taken even a backseat to children!

Gone are the days of the Madonna in the parlor and whore in the boudoir, according to women, but certain men long for the days where women were not equals in any area whether in the boardroom or the bedroom. The war reference may seem over the top but the reality is that this war is really a cold one. We are fighting with votes and pens to stop the Right Wing Freight Train that wants to bring us back to some semblance of the 50s. By limiting our rights we are just a presidential election away from a world where we have no choice or hope. No, this is not like the pain endured by young women like Malala but it will be. We are bearing witness to any notion of equality.  As Americans, we are endowed, supposedly, with certain inalienable rights as women but our personhood is only important after everyone else’s. If children are chattel, where does that leave women?

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  • Magpie

    Oof. This all makes me so crazy. I think the old white male Republican dudes are just afeared for their very lives. Go Obama!

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