The Victim

A victim believes that they are helpless. A victim blames others for their predicament or situation. A victim pities themselves and waits for others to rescue them.

Why does Mommy make me take stupid pictures?

The Victim:

(NOTE: We are not talking about people who have been hurt in a crime. This is a way of being. This is not to say that at some point these individuals need to choose to regain their power but that is another post.)

Most of us know what a victim is. We have seen one. We have been one. We are probably dealing with one in some area of our life right now! We hear about the victim mentality and victim consciousness and usually assume they are talking about someone else.

Here is the reality- this is how most people behave. This is the modus operandi of most people out there and most relationships operate with this system.

When you hear a politician try to excuse their behavior or previous comments by stating that the other side is persecuting them, they are victims. When you hear a man or woman complaining about their partners, they are victims. When you hear someone tell you that the world (or work, or boss, or man, or God, or luck, or life, or some race, or society, or science, or gays) are not letting them get what they want, they are victims.

We hear people talk like this all the time. It is the dog whistle to pay attention and rescue them. These people have no idea why it is that people attack them all the time and why it is that they are not taken seriously in their insincerity. Victims are everywhere!!

What is the one thing that can save a victim? Being Responsible.

That’s it. When you are responsible, you cannot be comfortable in the victim consciousness. You are unable to wallow for more than a few hours. When you are responsible, you can’t blame others and you definitely do not waste your time in guilt, anger or any other feeling that does not forward you.

Tomorrow: The Persecutor. That’s right, the so-called “bad guy”.


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