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          Sex Education is many things but thorough is not one of them. Sex Education is taught primarily in most public schools in grades 4/5, 7/8 and high school. The curriculum varies throughout the US but focuses on certain topics involving sexuality specifically gender roles, relationships, avoiding pregnancy and STDs. The only mention of orgasm is when discussing ejaculation and the possible pregnancy that may ensue. Sex Education never covers the topic of pleasure because that is considered either to personal or just awkward to discuss why people do it in the first place. So why do we find it weird that people do not understand the ‘what and why’ of an orgasm?

Sex is a noun and a verb. The act of sex is one of the most confusing, controversial, talked about and misunderstood verbs in the world. People develop these understandings about it based on books that mention it in passing and live their lives believing in some sense that they comprehend it. People base their understanding on their experiences, negative or positive, and then label all sex accordingly. People misuse, abuse and rationalize the who, what, and why of sex every moment of every day. And yet, we don’t bother to teach our kids the reality of sex.

If CoupleDumb were in charge of the world and we had the opportunity to revamp Sex Education, these are some concepts we would teach the kids (now, we always encourage parents to jump in and teach your children about these things. If you are too chicken shit to do this, find an aunt, uncle or friend who will.)

1. Sex is fun: Kids learn through understanding innuendo and just their own masturbatory experiences that sex can be fun.  The problem is that this is some bad kept secret in society because we never tell our kids just that. Perhaps we are afraid that if we tell them it’s fun they will treat it like that new Wii game they got for Christmas that they played constantly for 7 days until you took it away like it was crack. Explaining that sex is a source of pleasure for mature adults who take precautions not only to prevent pregnancy but also to transmit diseases is a lot different than sex is a hedonistic free for all. Explaining that two consenting adults who care for one another engaging in sex responsibly may not sound sexy but realistically, we know that that is when the truly good sex happens.

2. Sex can be beautiful/Sex can be dangerous: Mom’s, you need to explain to your daughters that their orgasm is important. Women grow up with the understanding that our orgasms are optional. As long as our man orgasms and we feel that we shared some intimacy, sex is awesome. We need to tell our daughter’s differently (catch CoupleDumb tomorrow for more on this topic). We need to explain to our kids that sex is not a weapon, a toy or something to impose on or deny to someone.

3. When you have a problem with sex, speak with someone: The shame we carry when discussing our personal sexual experience is overwhelming. Sure, sex as an abstract topic is scintillating and can make for fun conversations. We tend to draw the line when our own sexcapades are broached. If all we want as parents is for our children to be happy then we need to understand what our kids understand about sex so that someday they can lead fulfilling lives as adults. If our children carry shame, confusion or just plain do not get the mechanics of sex, it is our responsibility to explain it to them.

There are so many things we can teach our children that schools just do not have the time, money or relationship to teach them. It is our jobs as parents to put away our childishness and explain sex ed like a practical course and not philosophy. If our children’s happiness is one of our main priorities than teaching them the birds and bees better involve a discussion on orgasms and love.

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