The Moodsign – A Review

We get to review many cool things. Due to our focus on relationships, we get some adult themed products that run the gambit of books to toys. Today’s offering is “The Moodsign” which is marketed as a “non-verbal communication device” for couples. The device is a combination of cards that have blank cards, erotic fantasy cards, quid pro quo cards and a battery operated device that have little arms that light up with different colors.

Moodsign Device

The game goes something like this: one of you picks a set of cards that detail things you would like to try (the cards may have fantasy play or actual sexual acts that are more about intimacy and foreplay than intercourse or penetration, i.e. masturbation or sexy play). The other pushes the button on the device and it scrolls through the colors. The arm lands on a color and then you do whatever the color coded card that was chosen beforehand says.

Look, it seems a little complicated. This is a game to increase intimacy. One of the first things we stop doing when we are a busy couple is sharing intimacy. In fact, most couples forget about the intimacy way before we stop having sex. This is a great way of keeping it hot and increasing the depth of intimacy between you. It reminds you to regard one another the way you did before life got messy. Pick up “The Moodsign” and make some time for your marriage.

We were provided a sample of the product. We received no remuneration for this feature/review. All opinions are ours.

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