The Majestic Athlete

I was born and raised in Los Angeles, California. I couldn’t swim and my physical prowess was limited to long distance running so surfing and sports were not really options. My allegiance to the Dodgers started with a trip to Dodger’s Stadium, a Dodger Dog and “hat day”. I married a lady who loved them as much as I do and have worked hard to indoctrinate my kids with the love of Dodger Blue! When we moved to Miami, this became more difficult and finding sports apparel for my kids became imperative.

Go Dodgers!

Thankfully, Majestic Athletics made it possible to get our kids personalized baseball jerseys in Dodger Blue and we can deck them out with custom baseball jerseys of their favorite players. Whether it’s the Road Jersey for away games when the Dodgers play the Marlins, or performance apparel for my workout routines, Majestic Athletic makes the men’s athletic wear I need.

For the record, it wasn’t easy living 3000 miles from your favorite team. When the kids were younger, we only would get to see them a few times a year when they played the Marlins. When we showed up at the games wearing our Dodger crew neck tees, there was no mistaking who we are there to see. My boys liked wearing their sports apparel to school and representing.

Living back in Southern California, we have been able to get to several games and the boys can experience Dodger Stadium in all its glory. They have enjoyed the perfection of a Dodger Dog and enjoyed a wonderful Los Angeles evening. We have created our own memories and the love of Dodger Blue is engrained in them.

We will be moving away later this year and one of the activities we are committed to is watching a few games before we leave. We are getting a few Dodger hoodies and heading out to watch a game at the beginning of the season in the cool evening air. Wherever we go, the Dodgers will always be with us. We will watch them on TV and represent with our cool baseball jerseys.

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