The Koala Kid

The people from Fox Entertainment invited us to the Los Angeles zoo to see Koalas and to get a screening of their movie, Koala Kid. Yes, everything about that sentence is 50 flavors of awesome. First, let’s start with the Los Angeles Zoo. Lee and I are originally from LA County so the zoo is a childhood favorite. It was one of those perfect days with a light breeze and temps in the 70’s. This meant that the animals were out and active. We actually saw a Warty Pig scampering in its enclosure.  This was simultaneously cute and ugly because the pig looked like it needed a good orthodontist and cosmetologist.

Koala Kid

We got to see the Koalas and one of the docents educated us on the Australian critters. Did you know that eucalyptus is poisonous and even the Koalas cannot eat too much or they would get sick?  Also, they are not as sweet and we had thought. The docent showed us a picture of a Koala defending its territory. These guys have teeth, long mean teeth!

Lastly, we got to meet the very pregnant Jenni Pulos from the Bravo reality show Flipping Out. She plays Charlotte in the movie Koala Kid. Charlotte is a star struck young koala and makeup artist. The movie is super cute, following the adventures of the bullied white Koala named Johnny (played by Job Schneider).  He runs away and… Wait, we cannot tell you the whole story. Suffice it to say that there are alligators, kangaroos, and dingoes with the voices of Alan Cummings, Norm MacDonald and Tim Curry. Our boys loved it.

Koala Kid comes out April 30, 2013 exclusively at Wal-Mart. Of course, we need to thank Fox for giving us this opportunity to see the zoo, meet an actress and see Koala Kid.

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