The Happiness Manifesto

This is one bad-ass mother-fucker.

          This is the Happiness Manifesto. This is a call to all individuals who refuse to wade through the misery and victim mentality of society. This is a call to all individuals who refuse to accept that being content for a moment is all we can expect of life. This is a call to all individuals who fail at towing the party line and find beauty in ugly, hope in loss and humor in sadness. This is a call to all individuals who believe a better world is simply an attitude change away.

          The call to happiness is not something we strive to hear or suffer to accept. Happiness is not at war with compassion. It is its ally. Happiness is a birthright. In accepting this invitation, you agree with the following:

          Since time has been recorded, man has endured mayhem, mishap, pestilence, pain, oppression, repression, uncertainty and unease. Today is no better or worse than before. But there is one difference. You are here!

          We understand that we choose how we feel. A person can get angry with the rain but they will still get wet. A person can fear the future and yet tomorrow comes. A person can choose to be happy in spite of everything.

          You are part of society. Your choice to be happy despite your surroundings is not a call for communal living but for living in community. Happiness is a responsibility to see through the misery to find the hope.

          Happy people are role models. We do not pull people up to our point of view. We show them the stairs. We do not spoon feed but we are willing to share a meal with them.

          Perfection is relative. Happiness is absolute.

          Happiness is an emotion. Happiness is intrinsic. Happiness feels like the awe of satisfaction. Satisfaction is not dependent on accomplishments. Happiness is the state of honoring the moment. And the next…And the next…

          Happiness is not a compromise. Being content is a false bill of goods we were sold to keep us miserable. In a world of ‘I can’t get no…’ we are told to settle for what we have. Happiness is beyond this. It is not dependent on what we have but who we choose to be.

          Happiness is not dramatically opposed to sadness, nor does it supplant any other emotion. Happiness is a companion and like every good friend, it gives us what we need as we need it. When it walks with grief, it gives us hope.

          We are beholden to our progeny to set the example of happiness.

          This army is giving notice to the world that we will no longer partake in the global pity party. We are individuals devoted to the principles of happiness. You are welcome to join us or get out of our way.

          In creating your community, you must spread the word, identify and recruit likeminded individuals who will support, encourage and remind you of your commitment to happiness. We are changing the conversation. We are changing the wiring in our brains. We are changing the global attitude. We have lit the match and you are the fuse. This manifesto is for you. Print it, post it and pass it on.


  • Nice job! I am enlisting as we speak!!! Will there be marching involved? If so, I must get comfortable shoes… 🙂

  • Your manifesto is spot on! As a psychiatrist, I spend a lot of time educating people that anti-depressants do not make you happy, their role is to treat serious symptoms of depression, then the real work begins. Happiness comes from inside and from the choices you make each day about how to respond to your life. More people need to read and take your words to heart, rather than looking for a quick fix from an outside source. Thanks!

    • Thank you Janeen. A professor told me in grad school (about a million years ago) that after his clients would get there meds and stabilize, he would recommend that they do the things that happy people do. We have added the wrinkle of first choosing to be happy. We appreciate you taking the time to read our blog and make a comment. Now, recommend it to all of your colleagues and patients ;).

  • Fantastic Manifesto – Amen!
    I’m especially fond of the sentence “Happiness is a birthright.”

    I think the most difficult thing in being happy is when your ‘community’ is composed of non-negotiable family members that are unnaturally negative. Some days, the energy suck is incredible. But my favorite thing is when I’m flitting about with my beautiful golden aura and hubs will say w/semi-disgust to another, “She just WAKES up that way.” Yes I do mister, and it’s from the exact same bed as yours. 😛

    I am retweeting and printing.

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