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My seven year old said that I was like Santa Claus in the summer. My four year old just kept kissing the box. Why all of the love? Because we got the stuff for our Green Lantern party. And you know what? Green Lantern is cool!!!

You need to understand that we are a comic book family. My boys are well schooled in comic characters’ lineages, hierarchies, allies and foes. Of all of the characters in the DC franchise, the Green Lantern is our favorite. We will be at the movie on the day it comes out because the Green Lantern is cool. Did I mention that he is cool? (Also, Lee finds Ryan Reynolds to be, let’s say…aesthetically pleasing to the eye. We can’t use the real words that she says in the same post that we talk about children.)

So the party had excited squealing, a lot of jumping up and down, children transforming into the Green Lantern or, more accurately, a Green Lantern (I told you we know our comic books) and then some good old-fashion reading.

(And no, the girls were not excluded from the fun.)

Thank you to the Green Lantern people and to BSM Media for the party.

Now I’m getting all excited again. I can’t wait for the movie!

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