The Friendship Show

Being a parent is a monumental task. We need to teach our babies everything from how to walk to how to behave in public. Sometimes we have our kids fill in the blanks. We teach them that it’s good to share and reprimand them if they hit or bite but how often do we teach our kids how to be a friend? Our children’s ability to make friends and develop healthy, supportive relationships is vital to their success as human beings. This is why I strongly recommend “The Friendship Show” from

This video is a well-produced, highly entertaining video for young a child that teaches kids how to be friends.  Through stop action animation and live action vignettes, kids are exposed to different friendship scenarios and provided with healthy solutions to the most common issues in relationships. The concepts are basic but the lessons are profound and will affect all relationships. This belongs in every parent and school library.

The video is available today for download and DVD on 12/14.

If you are in the Los Angeles area (or surroundings), there will be a screening of the video at Aero Theater in Santa Monica at 10:30 am. If you would like an invitation, please click here.

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