The Five Second Rule With Upgrades

We love our boys but they are pigs. The five second rule easily turns into the five minute rule if there is an engaging cartoon to distract them. Hell, we have seen them eat an old Fruit Loop from under the couch which means that there is a five month rule that we did not know about. We are not clean freaks in the least. We believe in mud and dirt. We know that some bacteria is good for the immune system but sometimes we just look at them and say, “Dude…gross!”

This came out of our carpet. EEEEWWWWW

We got the carpets cleaned the other day. With two dogs and two boys, we like to have them cleaned every few months, mainly for the smell. Yes, the five second rule may be variable but once food or stinky feet hit the carpet, the smell does not easily come out. There is not stinky candle in the world that can mask those odors. The company that came out is called Zerorez. They use a special system that does not use harmful soap. They call it Empowered Water and, yes, we think the name is cute. We are all about empowerment, even for water. Instead they ionize the water. The extra hydrogen in the water does the same thing as a soap molecule but without the residue. Our house smells nice and is bacteria depleted. (There is no universe where our house is bacteria free.)Livingstone is cleaning our carpet

Zerorez has an offer going for our readers. They will clean 2 areas (up to 200 sq feet each) for $99. It covers carpet, hardwood, tile and grout, and natural stone. They also do upholstery but that price is different. Give them a call and ask. You can find them at and follow them on Twitter.All pretty

We participated in a campaign on behalf of Mamavation for Zerorez. We received promotional item to thank us for our participation. All opinions are our own.

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