The Bounce Back Starring Shemar Moore

You know how we feel about relationships on TV and the movies. Some films depict healthy relationships and others are just a train wreck with good videography. In our upcoming book, we devote a whole chapter to the influence of media on society’s concept of love, romance, dating and marriage. So when Shemar Moore and Youssef Delara invited us to the media junket for their new movie about finding love, we could not resist.

Paul And Shemar Moore (Paul is the cute one)

You probably know Shemar Moore as Derek Morgan on Criminal Minds. We did because Lee and I are major fans of the show. Shemar is producing and starring in the new movie Bounce Back and Youssef Delara is writing and directing it.  The reason that they invited us is because they are crowdfunding the movie using IndieGoGo. This means that they are asking people to contribute to the vision of this movie to get it made. We have already had friends donate to the film just for the shear opportunity to be part of something, to be able to say ‘I helped make that’.

Though it was Shemar Moore that had the big acting name, it was Youssef Delara that I was most interested in. He gained much of his experience in visual effects for Star Trek: Deep Space Nine. I had mixed feelings about that. Anything Star Trek is great but Deep Space Nine was my least favorite of the franchise. Had he worked on Next Generation, I would have been fawning over him like the women were over Shemar.

I talked to Youssef about the script for Bounce Back. The central question that he wants to explore is does love change? Does it grow? I must admit that his caught my attention. This is a question that Lee and I have discussed many times. I am still not sure that we have a good answer. The other think that we liked is that the main female lead, played by Nadine Velaquez who plays the assistant DA on Major Crimes, is a therapist. She falls in love with a man that has been emotionally hurt. The way that Youssef presented it, the therapist wants to look back to heal wounds and the man wants to just forget and move forward. Obviously, Lee and I love the premise. It kind of speaks to us.

We want to get this movie made. Let’s be able to say, ‘I was part of that’. Let’s see if the story makes us happy or angry. I almost forgot – They have giveaways!

Take a look at the Bounce Back info. Spread the word. Make a contribution. Tell us what you think about the story, Shemar, and Nadine.

The Bounce Back film site

The IndieGoGo contribution site


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