Thanksgiving And Fiber

          The holidays are a time of family, abundance and overindulgence. This year, since we have committed to eating healthier, we are combating our normal indulgence by doing pre-emptive strikes. We are not willing to lose our winning streak for some turkey and stuffing. However, we won’t lie. We are definitely eating some of that! This year, we are eating smarter. We have gone over past mistakes and are making some corrections.

          First, we won’t go all day without eating. Usually, since we do most of the cooking in the family, we tend to subsist on coffee and exhaustion. This year, we will start our day with a healthy breakfast that sates all of our needs. Our go to yummy healthy breakfast is Greek yogurt, a high fiber cereal and a little honey. The cereal needs to have at least 10 grams of fiber per serving and less than 1 gram of sugar. The combination is a perfect combination of creamy, crunchy and sweet! And, the best part is that this breakfast is high in protein and fiber which will keep us from starving and picking all day. Love it!

          Secondly, we are planning healthy snacks while we hang out with the family. We are bringing black bean hummus and plantain chips! Hummus is a great and when you make it with black beans, you almost double your fiber intake! Also, using plantain chips makes this whole snack really healthy. You take a can of strained black beans, fresh garlic (to taste-we like lots of garlic!) and some olive oil to smooth it out in the food processor. We add a little kosher salt and voila! This is really yummy and can also be eaten with pita and crudités.

          Third, we are keeping bowls of nuts around. We adore eating nuts of all kind and today, it is easier to get lower sodium nuts that compensate with great flavors. Have you tried the wasabi flavor almonds? WOW! Those are delicious with a kick. We tend to stay away from smoked flavor since that means more sodium. We also like to mix it up. Sometimes we make our own combination so we can control the salt and flavor. Like taking some cashews, pecans and sunflower seeds, tossing them lightly in canola oil, and sprinkling them with cumin, a little salt and pepper. This is delicious and a great way to get some fiber.  Have a great holiday but stay healthy! 

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