Thanksgiving Affirmations Of Gratitude

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As we all sit down with our families today, we try to come up with a list of the things that make us thankful. Living in gratitude for everything is a very healthy way of being and it is sad we do this only once a year. So, we propose instead of affirmations, we come up with grat-firmations!

This is our list of grat-firmations!

1. We are grateful for our health!

2. We are grateful for our kids and their maddening wonderfulness!

3. We are grateful for our family specifically Aidi, Bob, Mari, Georgie, Mamuchi, Abui, Sophie, Gabby, Mikey and Alex.

4. We are grateful for our friends specifically Nadine, Patricia, Monica and Lina.

5. We are grateful for where we live and what we do!

6. We are grateful for our California family/friends specifically Terry, Isabel, Stephanie, Jd.

7. We are grateful for the air we breathe and the love we share.

8. We are grateful that 25 years ago we fell in love.

9. We are grateful that we have amazing friends all over the world who get us.

10. We are grateful for our readers who keep coming back!

11. We are grateful for everything we have and have lost and have experienced.

12. We are grateful for the hurts, losses, insults, meanness, bullies and general assholes that have inflicted their nastiness on us. You have made us stronger and been our silver platter for growing!

We are very grateful for CoupleDumb for giving us the platform to share our voice with the cosmos and opening so many opportunities to be the writers we want to be.

Enjoy your dinner! Love your family! See you next week!

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