Thanks, President Obama

As you know, we follow politics and have, on occasion, spoken out on things we see that we like or don’t like. We felt the need to discuss one of the more interesting phenomena going on. We find it interesting that the right likes to remind people that President Obama was the one who divided the country racially. Their contention is that he was the one who made it a racial thing and they are just victims of this ‘politically correct’ society who is unwilling to dialogue without pulling the race card. And you know what, they are right. President Obama is at fault for the racial divide we are experiencing in this country- just not how they have figured it.

U.S. President Barack Obama raises a glass

Prior to Obama, racists were allowed to stay in the shadows, joke between friends and give the knowing nods. Everyone watched their tongue and for a minute, people slept soundly in this feigned post racial America. Then, the Democrats had the audacity to nominate a Black man to be president. Sure, he was nice and all but he could never be President of the United States. Then the black guy won and we all had to salute our new Commander-in-Chief.

People who were lifelong Democrats switched parties. Diehard Republicans doubled down and joined the Tea Party. All of a sudden, there was a section of this country in an uproar and facts and reality be damned because this was the beginning of the end. We had a black president and now all of their chickens would come home to roost. All of the jokes, comments and secret fears were being realized.

It started slowly really, the disrespectful remarks followed by true concern for this country. Then the witch hunt for a birth certificate and proof that he was Mohammed’s caliphate and he would bring Sharia Law to our Christian lands. Still, the racism was contained. As soon as the damn burst, Trayvon, Brown, Garner, the gloves were off. The hate and fear would no longer be hidden because the Black Man was coming for your guns. He was called a Dictator and King for doing his job. How dare he interfere with the will of certain people and make laws?

The masks were off and it was OK now to be yourself. Be a racist because, in the end, it was the President’s fault. He took a side and he chose to go up against the white people of the land. It isn’t their fault, it is his. Projection is not only a good defense mechanism; it is the right’s campaign platform. Whether they were protecting the unborn from the dirty, murderous left or they were protecting their guns to defend themselves from the same dirty, murderous left, the enemy was out there and they were coming for them!

Whites were and are being persecuted by people of color. The same white people who feel, for some reason (probably a lack of math skills) that they are the minority. The same white people who feel that their way of life is coming to an end. You know, the way of life where whites get Fast Passes to all things good? Instead of being ashamed of using the “n” word or defending an outdated flag that represents slavery and bigotry, they were proud and reiterated that they were merely the victims of President Obama’s racism.

We read a tweet last night where a woman called President Obama a “Little Man” because he called for unity when he was the one who divided the nation. It is true. His very existence as a black man who happened to be President of the United States did divide the nation. His very existence threatened a white way of life, of privilege and knowing nods, that was quickly dying. His very existence obliterated an unspoken line where minorities could not cross and go no higher. His very existence flustered and confounded the old guard to the point where they invested their wealth to make sure it could not happen again. The Congress openly admitted that he had to be a one term President and they would not allow him any victories regardless of what he sought. If we were uppity before, we will be downright demanding next!

There is no surprise that the right is presenting a bigot as their nominee for president. It is there desperate attempt to right this wrong and Make America Great [White] Again. There is no more pretense or backroom meetings to discuss the uppity minorities. It is out in the open. As the shame consumes the right from within, the rest of us will enjoy a new America where we know the enemy for they are no longer hiding. And for that, we say, “Thanks, President Obama”.

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