Terra Chips

          Thanks to the kind people at Terra Chips, we had the opportunity of checking out Terra Exotic Harvest Sea Salt Chips. Terra Chips has definitely redefined snacking as a healthy habit. First, the chips in this Harvest are made from blue potatoes, sweet carrots and fresh kabocha squash. Secondly, the chips are cooked in either safflower, expellor pressed canola or sunflower oil then the crispy chip is lightly salted with sea salt. Each ounce is a full serving of veggies! Now, the mark of a good snack for us is the crispy to salty ratio and Terra has delivered both here. We found we were more drawn to certain chips. One of us loved the carrots while the other preferred the squash and potato. It was a split for the sweet and savory.

We found that our kids shied away from the ‘weird chips’ and only managed to eat a couple. The adults, however, were all over this healthy snacking alternative. Terra Chips lets you snack and get your daily requirement of veggies. Who can beat that?

          Terra Chips provided us with 3 bags of chips and no other compensation except for a ‘please’. We ate them. Our opinions, as always, are our own and no money in the world can change that.

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