Teaching my Kids

Thanks for the guest post by Jo Levy

I don’t know what I can do to teach my kids the value of money. They’re just all about the newest shoes and whether or not they’ve got the right computer tablet and who does their hair. Their hair! They’re only 12 years old! My daughters are twins and they’re both very pretty and they’re getting to that age where other kids are starting to notice. I don’t want it to get to their heads that they get a lot of attention or make them feel like they don’t have a responsibility to be good citizens and live responsibly. I’ve been asking them to do chores now to earn their allowance which is a good start and my younger daughter is really into couponing, too. I sat down Sara, the older twin, the other day and asked her to look atwww.ElectricCompaniesTexas.net with me and find a cheaper electricity plan but she wasn’t really interested – she kept asking me to switch over to Zappos and find her a new pair of shoes. As if I’m going to buy a twelve year old a pair of high heels! Anyway, my husband thinks as soon as they turn 14 I need to make them both get jobs at different places so they can really feel how hard they have to work to earn $200. I remember when I first got started working and had to go in for 8 hour shifts on Saturdays. What’s worse than that? All my daughters do on their Saturdays is go to the mall to see their friends and think about ways to spend my money! They’re great girls, don’t get me wrong, but I want to make sure I’m teaching them while they’re young the value of a dollar. I know it’s a harder lesson to learn when you’re 21 and you’ve already ruined your credit score so it’s hard to tell what’s doing the right thing and what’s pushing it too far. I don’t want to be the mean mom but I want to do right by them now.

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