Teaching Emotions To Children

We get a lot of books to review. As most of our readers know, one half of CoupleDumb is a psychotherapist with almost 25 years of experience in marriage and family therapy and addiction counseling. What you may not know is that Lee is working on her doctorate in Psychology. When we received this book for review it seemed like it was perfect timing because Lee was just finishing up a literature review on emotional granularity. What is that you ask and why is it important and why would you talk about that on CoupleDumb? We are happy you asked!

Ricky displaying his emotional range. Give the kid an Oscar.

Happy, Sad, & Everything in Between: All about my feelings” by Sunny Im-Wang, Psy.D. is a great book for parents to teach their children about their emotions. We know what you are thinking. Why teach your kids something that comes naturally? No one had to teach you how to be sad or angry or happy, right? Actually, yes someone did teach you but they kind of dropped the ball. The reality is that the more you understand and know your emotions the better your life will be. Researchers have found that people with a high emotional granularity, which means you can specifically identify your feelings, tend to be happier and report more well-being. People with low granularity which means that they can pretty much tell you whether they are good or bad or something is pleasant or unpleasant, report a lower life satisfaction.

What this means to parents is simple. We can teach them eat right, brush their teeth and never wear white after Labor Day but we will fail them if we don’t teach them about joy and grief or silliness. This is where “Happy, Sad, & Everything in Between All about my feelings” comes in. It is a fun and simple way of teaching that emotional granularity. It also offers some great ideas of how to be happy which are based on real psychological research findings and not just some pithy saying.

This is a great gift for a new parent or even an old one. All we know is that this book makes us feel happy.

They sent us a book for review and there was no other compensation. All opinions are our own and that makes us feel just fine.


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