Taking A Vitamin – The Dramatic Conclusion

It wasn’t until I began writing this vitamin series that I truly realized how important this was to me. Lee was completely surprised at how difficult that taking a pill was for me. She always thought that it was just funny but now she can see that it actually interferes with my ability to live a healthy lifestyle.

During my quest, Superior Source reached out to me and gave us a tour of their facilities. They are expanding to 100,000 square feet of hard core scientific production. This impressed me because I am an old school science geek. I worked in quality assurance for the aerospace industry. I actually tested components for military missiles and the space shuttle. So when I saw that they test, test and retest all of their ingredients and the final product, I was floored. They have more QA then the space shuttle.

When I told them about the bane of my existence, Maca Root, they gave me some of their vitamins including a sample of Testeral which is their supplement that contains Maca root. I put it under my tongue and it simply dissolves. It does not taste bad, kind of like celery powder, and it is so much easier than trying to swallow a pill that simply will not go down.

Now I am trying a bunch of their product line, including C and B12. All of them dissolve. Take a look at the Superior Source website to see all of the vitamins and supplements that they have.

Thank you Superior Source for making me healthy again.




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