Taking A Stand On Homosexuality

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We think you know how we feel about gay rights but we realized that we have never really made a definitive statement on the subject. So this week we are making that statement. We are in support of gay rights. To be honest, we support any two, consenting adults loving each other.  If it was not for some white fundamentalist dipshit with a bible in one hand and his dick in another making this into his political platform (Santorum), we would not care. We really resent that homophobia has turned this into a civil rights issue, but it has, so we are taking a stand.

We believe that homosexuality is natural or at least as natural as sexuality can be. Sexuality is fucked up in the most healthy of us. On the sex front, getting laid is hard enough without the aforementioned dipshit telling the world that you are going to hell. And gay rights is not about sex, it is about love. And if sex is hard to figure out then love is near impossible. Honestly speaking, we write CoupleDumb because people either are looking for love and want to know how they can find it or they have found love and want a place where they can celebrate it. We are advocates of love and as such we have to be supportive of gay rights. We believe that everyone should have the right to love.

We believe that the people most adamantly and violently opposed to homosexuality are latently homosexual and this is just their way to move their self-loathing from themselves to others. This is not just our opinion but a scientific finding. There are studies on this. It is pretty linear. A person that is homosexual and does not have the strength and insight to come out becomes angry and abusive. The science has showed this over and over again. We just love these leaders of the homophobic community that say that they have been called latently homosexual over and over and they say this as if it dismisses it into preposterousness. When the apple fell on Newton’s head and he labeled the force as gravity, it really did not matter that the apple denied it. Science is science.

When speaking of science and sexuality, we need to look at the question, ‘Is a person born gay or do they choose to be gay?’ The answer is yes. Yes to both. This question is universal in sexuality. Sexuality is fluid. No one wakes up one day and decides that they want to be gay or straight. The question itself if flawed because it assumes that sexuality resides under the waist when, in reality, it resides above the neck. It is not about who is rubbing your love nub that dictates your sexuality. It is about the eyes that you are looking into when you find that most treasured of emotions, the love that you can hold onto when all the world turns upside-down, that defines your sexual orientation.

So, yes, we resent that we have to fight for people to have the right to love. We resent that we have to take a stand between love and hate. But we do need to take this stand. We stand for love for everyone and, like every good advocate, we urge you to take this stand with us.

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