Tag Human Body From Leap Frog

Thank you to LeapFrog for sponsoring this review.  For more information about the LeapFrog Tag Human Body Discovery Pack, please visit their website #LeapFrogTag #spon

I have three kids ages 19, 8 and 5. My oldest is in college. Having the big age disparity is tough on them in many respects. The biggest hardship is watching the two youngest say “goodbye” to their sister. It is so tough that even my youngest has questioned why anyone goes to college. So the Leap Frog Tag system was a perfect way to have them refocus on their education and also get them excited about going to school and college someday.

My kids love science so the Interactive Human Body was tons of fun for them. The best part of the discovery pack is that they have been playing with it for 2 days and still have not ‘finished’! With over 300+ interactive responses and 40+ learning activities, this great learning tool is keeping them entertained for days! Also, both my kids are having fun with it, together. 3 years may not seem like a big difference but it is the difference between reading and not reading. However, that distinction does not seem to matter! Another great thing is their new ability to identify body parts and systems. But the best part, while they are having fun they are also learning about healthy choices with fun activities.

My 8 year old, Bobby, is gifted. He really is very smart and one of the problems with having a really smart kid is keeping them entertained. Sure, we could keep buying video games that will tax his dexterity but ultimately all he is doing is trying to beat a level. We have purchased games that historical or educational significance and that keeps the conversation going but he goes through them quickly. The “Interactive Human Body” is something he can go back to over and over. He is fascinated with how everything works. We get to discuss not only biological functions but also chemistry and physics! This system is not only incredibly educational but it is a family activity that has all of us looking forward to the next discovery.

Get an inside look at the creation of @LeapFrog Tag Human Body.

I was selected for this opportunity as a compensated member of Clever Girls Collective and received free product from LeapFrog to review. The content and opinions expressed here are all my own. #LeapFrogTag #spon

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