Lee and I are into symbols. They help us remember things that are important. I wear a Hanuman necklace to remind me to be faithful to the big G. Lee has her mantra tattooed on her arm in white ink because this is only for her. We have seen people use Astrology Jewelry to do the same.

I really like Sacred Geometry Jewelry. The Sri Yantra, for example, is my favorite. In the Hindu belief system, it is a perfect symbol. It has nine triangles, four up and five down. They represent the feminine energy and the masculine energy intertwined in the system. There are a bunch of other symbols in it. Look it up. There is a lot written about it on the internet.

I started looking at David Weitzman – Jewelry artist and found all kinds of things that I like. He spans spiritual cultures so that you can find something Christian or something Buddhist on the same site.

Not only are they pretty but the embody something important. Whether you are wearing a cross, a Sri Yantra, or your zodiac sign, they are reminders and demonstrations of something that you believe in. Like I said, we believe in symbols because they are symbols of something greater than us.

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