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We write about relationships. As a big woman, I will admit that I tend to avoid the fashion or style sites because they hardly ever speak to me. I am not a size two. I am not a fashion maven. I am comfortable. I am me. This is why when SheSpeaks asked for me to review the new site StyleUnited I can honestly say I said , ‘Pass’. But, sometimes we need to go outside of our comfort zone both personally and professionally. Sometimes the big girls need to wear white and the intellectuals can allow themselves a little fun.

StyleUnited is an interactive style site. It covers every area of fashion and style from what to wear to how to deal with oily skin (don’t wash so vigorously because it produces more oil- who knew?). They even offer their readers and members an opportunity to get answers to style emergencies. Note: if you are a man reading this, yes, there are style emergencies. You just don’t notice them because your wife/girlfriend picked out your clothes.

The feature that really sets them apart from other sites is their Style 360 option.  The Style 360 option provides their members ‘instant and personalized head to toe, beauty plus fashion recommendations’. It’s like having your own personal stylist in your home! They even have personal consultations with stylists right from their site through their Get Gorgeous page! Their eBeauty video chats allow you to get expert advice in real time. From make-up to color to even feeling good inside and out, they have the experts for you.

Look, you won’t be finding me sitting at a make-up counter anytime soon. It just is not my thing. However, you probably will be seeing a few more colors sneaking into my bleak color palette. Apparently, warm colors make me shine! Click over to the site right now and give yourself the treat of having expert style advice right in your home.

We may or may not have been compensated for this review. It has been kind of busy lately but we did like the site.

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