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I write about addiction all the time. I have seen it from all sides. I have been a substance abuse counselor for many years and worked with hundreds of people. I have seen addiction of every kind in my own family. In my own life, I have identified my own addictions many times on CoupleDumb as well. One of the addictions I have that I am sure that I have never mentioned here is my smoking. It is one of the reasons that I am so happy that V2 sent me their product for review. I started smoking at a very young age. I was never a heavy smoker and usually cognizant of not smoking near the kids or in the house. I decided to quit a few months ago and am proud to say that as of January 13, I have not had a cigarette.

That being said, I always knew nicotine was not my addiction. I have a psychological addiction to the act of smoking. This is why recently, during a very stressful time, I really craved a cigarette. It wasn’t the nicotine but the mindless act of smoking. This is why I have to thank V2 E-Cigarettes for keeping me true to my promise to stop smoking. When I am stressed I can use my V2 E-Cigarettes and the need to smoke is satisfied without needing to light up.

V2 cigs          They sent me a starter pack of flavors with different nicotine levels and flavors ranging from Peppermint to coffee and even chocolate. The cigarette flavors come in all flavors resembling the popular brands and available in different levels of nicotine. When you use the V2 E –Cig you will satisfy the need to smoke and not have to leave society to smoke either. V2 E-Cig releases water vapor. There is no offensive smoke smell and you don’t need to take a shower and brush your teeth after every cigarette.

My favorite flavor is Mint Tea. It is smooth and refreshing. In fact, I am perfectly happy smoking this without nicotine and my need to smoke is sated. This is a great way to stop smoking and using nicotine. You can wean yourself off all nicotine while using V2 E Cigs and still enjoy the act of smoking. It will save you money too because each cartridge lasts a long time. Also, V2 also has a great program called Smoke4Free where you can earn credits to purchase more cartridges by referring your friends.

For more information on V2 check out their V2 cigs review. And, if you are ready to switch from stinky cigarettes to water vapor and great taste, check out this V2 Cigs Discount Code.



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