Stop Fighting and Start Making Up

       Thank you to Samantha Peters for this guest post.     

Even the most devoted couples are bound to get into fights with one another every once in a while. Avoiding fights altogether can be easier said than done, and typically requires a fair amount of patience; something that not everyone has. Over time, fights can be destructive to relationships, which makes it all the more important to start making up as soon as possible. If you tend to get in fights regularly, there are plenty of things that you can do in order to start making up.
Consider the following tips, each of which can make fighting in your relationship a thing of the past.
            Remain Mindful
            One of the main reasons why fights occur in relationships is because many people simply don’t remember to remain mindful. Mindfulness, like patience, is a virtue, and must be cultivated over time. People tend to blow up at one another and then make a pact to never fight again, although a lack of mindfulness can quickly disrupt this promise. The next time you feel an argument coming on, be sure to remind yourself that you no longer want to fight the way you have been, which can keep you from saying something you don’t mean.
            Go To Counseling
If you and your spouse have been fighting continuously for a long period of time, you owe it to yourself and your relationship to do what’s necessary to fix the issue. Couples counseling can be extremely effective for those who are having trouble in their relationships, and fixes countless marriages each and every year. There is, of course, a stigma that comes along with counseling, which is a real shame. You shouldn’t feel bad about doing something good for your relationship; you should feel as if you’re doing the right thing. Be sure to look for a counselor that has a good reputation in order to see the best possible results.
            Buy Each Other Gifts
While certainly not the best way to prevent fights from happening, sometimes buying a random gift for your spouse can help to ease any potential tension. Gifts are a great way to show your love to one another, and can help to lighten situations in which you might feel uncomfortable with your spouse. For men, you can’t beat a great safety razor. Women will love getting beauty supplies, or even a gift certificate to their favorite spa.
            Fighting isn’t going to do anything good for your relationship, and overtime can become rather toxic. If you stay on top of the situation, though, you can nip fighting in the bud before an argument even begins to occur.

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