Staying Healthy With YouthH2O

Healthy mind and healthy body- two very important elements when you are committed to your own well-being. Paul and I have been working hard at maintaining our mental well-being through therapy and honest communication. As for our healthy bodies, the process has been to include daily exercise, stretching and eating cleaner every day. I have also been drinking Youth H20 every day for the last few days and I feel fantastic! Instead of loading up a bunch of drug store vitamins and purport to provide the vitamins we need, I am drinking YouthH20 which is packed with organic superfoods that enhance beauty, performance and wellness!


YouthH20 is a youth activating concentrate that awakens your youth hormones. Within the daily 2oz bottle, you are getting:

  • Natural Vitamin C which improves collagen and elasticity in our skin from Camu Camu
  • Antioxidants from Purple Corn that provide the highest natural source to combat the free radicals that are known to cause the signs of aging.
  • Adaptagens for natural sustainable energy to recharge your batteries from Maca.
  • Great source of Niacin, Folic Acid, B6 and B12

CamuBowl This amazing superfood concentrate has also been shown to aid in weight loss, improve your skin and is a source for natural energy. As you know, more energy, more libido! This super food is caffeine free, sugar free, gluten free and vegan! This shot of awesome helps balance the hormones of both men and women and boosts our health from the inside out.

I started taking YouthH20 when I went on vacation with my two boys and husband. I immediately noticed that I had more energy and was able to play with them to the point where they were conking out before I did. Also, I noticed that I slept well after long days of tennis, swimming and long walks.WholeMacaBowl

I also recommend this product because the makers, ReVival, have a commitment to people and their health. They believe in using science and nutrition to combat health issues. They are committed to leaving no one behind and health for all. To that end, they are having me give-away a life-changing supply of this amazing product. They really mean it when they say- Leave No One Behind.

PurpleCorn Thanks to Revival for our supply of YouthH20. All opinions are ours.

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