SSL Certificates

As you know, Lee and I write. We have websites. We have four websites plus I design sites for other people. I go to other peoples sites and audit them to make sure that they are marketable, searchable and, most importantly, safe. Sites like can help a lot. The term SSL means secure sockets layers. This is a fancy geeky term for the security layer that your computer has. The certificate is not one that you get. It is one that your computer or website gets.

This gets really important for people that sell on the internet. If you do any e-commerce, you will want to make sure that you and your customers are safe and secure. Basically, the way an SSL certificate works is that your customer requests your page. The two servers exchange certificate information so that they can verify that what is on the site is really what your client is looking at. Then it encrypts or codes the data so that someone “listening” would not understand the data.

So let’s say that I wanted a specific type of certificate like Comodo. I could go to and find a SSL Comodo certificate system. Likewise I could do a Verisign certificate by going to

Not only is there a practical reason for having your clients be safe, there is a marketing reason. If someone got a hold of customer data and took $10 that was linked to your site, you could easily reimburse the money. It would be your reputation that would take a hit. The internet world is gossipy. We can now talk to millions of people when, in the old days, we could only talk to a few. Nobody that works in e-commerce or the internet business can afford to have their reputation dinged because of faulty security.

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