Spot The Crazy

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          It’s Monday and we have a jammed pack week here at CoupleDumb. We have so many irons in the fire right now that we may have to find a means of cloning ourselves so that one set works while the other has sex and sleeps. We promised you last week on Relationship Rehab that we would give you the keys to a drama free life. Step one of this is spotting the craziness in your life. Sometimes it is an individual and sometimes it’s circumstances. Mental health issues can vary from the subtle to the full blown, catastrophic loss of reality we have come to identify as crazy. The thing is, crazy is also seen in every color of the rainbow. This week we will be showing you different crazies that you can see in your life and how to weed it out.

Lee says: Just imagine life without drama. How is that? Do you like what you are seeing or does it make you uncomfortable?  Now think of your life. Where are the pockets of drama? Does the drama usually have a certain theme (jealousy, anxiety, pettiness…)? Does the drama usually circle one person? Is it you?

          Incessant drama is a sign of some mental health issues. Now I will remind everyone that the purpose of this blog is not to make everyone Junior Diagnosticians but to make you life-savvy. You see, in the old days, people like this just didn’t thrive. Left to their own devices they would slowly implode. Today, we are really indoctrinated to live under a high mound of stress and drama. We think it’s normal and so these people freely walk about like an untamed contagion.

          So, I will break it down simply to the following points, The Typhoid of Dramas will present as such:

          1. They will always present as enigmatic. You know who I’m talking about. They will seem a bit mysterious. People will be drawn to them like moths to a flame. They will seem charming and disarming. They seem close to you and a million miles away at the same time.

          2. At first, they will present their stories as offhand remarks. When they talk about themselves it will be reluctantly and often in innuendo. What they are doing is chumming the water. They know most people in society can’t resist a good victim to rescue so they give you the idea that they may need rescuing. This is what hooks you.

          3. They are reckless. You will usually find one part of their life in which they are reckless. They can be promiscuous or drink a little too much or are hotheaded. You find that on a fairly regular basis, this person gets into trouble or can create very serious situations. In other words, jail or the emergency room is usually a common experience for them. This adds to the need for rescuing.

          4. The person treats you ambivalently. Sometimes you feel like they adore you and others you know they hate you. The thing is that they probably do feel that way. It just adds to their chaos.

          5. They are paranoid and it gets worse the more drama they create. You find that they are always in the midst of some very fucked up situations but always seem to not be responsible for any of it.

          If you identify someone like this in your life, run. This is a drama magnet and they will drag you into their very chaotic world. They are the victims of their existence and yet they can see no way of getting out. You don’t need that. You would rather be watching TV or learning how to crochet.   

          Paul says: I love these kind of people as long as I do not have to talk to them. I consider them to be party favors: hilarious to watch, kind of loud when they pop, and you do not want to be too close when they finally explode.

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