CoupleDumb is a witty and well written blog that focuses on relationships of all types. From dating to marriage to parenting, CoupleDumb is unique in its commitment to honest and entertaining writing that promotes healthy and happy relationships for everyone. Understanding relationships as we do, CoupleDumb is looking for sponsors and advertisers that want to build a lasting and loyal customer base, like a perfect marriage.

Advertising and Sponsorship

CoupleDumb has taken the blog sphere by storm. Starting in the latter part of January of 2009, CoupleDumb has exploded in only nine months.

  • 100,000 pageviews per month
  • 50% growth in readership in October alone with an average monthly growth of 10%.
  • A social media footprint readership of 1000+
  • Google Pagerank of 5
  • Alexa rank in the top one half of 1% of the websites in the world.
  • Media exposure includes the Miami Herald (Featured October 10, 2009), Sun Herald (Featured October 22, 2009), Wichita Eagle (Featured October 29, 2009), Chicago Tribune (Featured October 22, 2009), NPR (WLRN), BlogTalkRadio, Goddard iRadio, and MomTV.
  • Promotional tour for its book, Dysaffirmations: Because this kind of stupid takes work.

 CoupleDumb’s readership is eclectic and worldwide but in general falls into the following categories:

            2/3 are females ages 25 to 49

            1/3 are males ages 35 to 55

            College educated


CoupleDumb is not a site for self-promotion, like some others. We truly believe that everyone can and should be happy in their relationships. CoupleDumb is looking for sponsorship from companies that believe in the excitement and longevity of love and who can match our dynamic momentum with energy and innovation.

We currently have the following sponsorship opportunities
            BlogWorld Expo
            BlogHer 10

            American Association for Marriage and Family Therapy

            MomTV – Relationship Rehab

            Goddard iRadio – Relationship Rehab

Speaking Engagements
CoupleDumb is also available for special engagements, lectures and as keynote speakers.

Presentations include:



  • He said/ She said can earn you money: creating a healthy working relationship with your spouse.
  • Writers block and unicorns: both poetic and non existent.
  • Writing with baby on your lap.
  • Using guided imagery to open up a whole new writing world.

To contact us about advertising, sponsorship, or speaking engagements, please contact Lee Reyes-Fournier at Lee@CoupleDumb.com

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