Spidey And Christmas

We love talking about cool toys, especially cool superhero toys for Christmas. Let’s face it, we have two young boys. Our whole life revolves around questions like who would win, Green Lantern or Thor. By the way, Paul says that it is Green Lantern but Bobby disagrees. Ricky abstains because they are two different comic book brands and would never fight. Lee asks for your pity.

All three boys, because Paul is included in this count, want to be Spiderman. Who wouldn’t? Spidey is strong, fast and has great superhero repartee. Plus, he shoots webs. So they are looking at motorized web slingers to add to their fantasy. The more shots they can get off and the farther they can shoot, the better.

We hopped on to the Tesco site and found the web shooter. We also found a bunch of other stuff. They have Spiderman Chest lights and other types of webs slingers. There are all kinds of toys on the site.

The site kind of impressed us. Not only did it have cool stuff, it also has reviews and a product test video. It was the video that was most interesting. They call it the Tesco Team Toy Review and it features a couple of kids actually playing with the toy and talking about it. This is not a glammed up commercial. Yes, I am guessing that the kids are paid to do the video but it is not designed to sell the product. It seems to show you, pretty accurately, how the toy works and how it can be used. We really liked that.

Christmas is right around the corner. Find the gifts for the people in your life at a place where you can see how they work and find out what other people think about the item. Remember that nobody likes returning things.

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