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We love writing about sex. We could not do a relationship site without writing about sex. So when DSDShop.com asked us to write about enhancing your sex life to make for a better relationship, we were delighted. Let’s handle some basics from CoupleDumb. First, sex is not a relationship. Sex is not intimacy. Sex is sex. It can be loving. It can be fun.  A relationship is so much more than sex but sex is part of a relationship. Your sex life is a good indicator of how your life and relationship are going.

When it comes to men and women, there is a big disconnect with their attitudes toward sex. Actually it is a perceived difference because studies show that attitudes towards sex for adults are about the same across genders. Finding a little spice in your sex life, especially for women who traditionally have more issues with finding orgasm, is a good thing.

Now we do not advocate fetishism or extreme kink but we do believe in switching it up a little. Here is where intimacy meets sex. To experiment a little requires safe and healthy communication. The question, ‘What do you think about this?’ is the most intimate one that a person can ask. It is the foundation to creating a relationship.

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