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Long ago in a land called California, before the twenty years of marriage and even before the courtship to that marriage, we bought each other the same Christmas gift.  It was a cheesy little board game called SolarQuest but for us it was validation of our burgeoning love.

Paul says: Lee would say that I fucked her mind before anything else. And I would say that she wooed my spirit. She’s written the story before but I’ll recap for all of you late comers. Because of the flaking of other friends, Lee and I ended up having dinner at her house and spent the night talking into the wee hours of the night. I left her home at 7 the next morning, inspired by thoughts of hope  and a belief in myself gained from the mirror of someone else’s eyes.  We talked about everything and anything but the best topic was selling advertising space on the moon.  That was the night we fell in love.

So, when we sat in front of each other during the magical time of Christmas (we both love Christmas) and watched as we opened the same gift, a remembrance of that night, it was like Cupid giving a booster shot. See, the Reyes-Fournier’s do have romance in their repertoire.

The funny thing is that this seed of romance is something that we have never lost. Long ago, it took root in our relationship and we water it as frequently as possible. The fact that we sit side-by-side and write is example of that. More than half of our working life, we have worked together. How can we do this and not be at each other’s throats? I’d love to say that it is because of our superior intelligence and old souls but who am I kidding? Superior intelligence and old souls are the reason we have a hot sex life.

We can work together and play together because our romance stories center around themes of inspiration and mutual respect.  And these are things that, unlike ripped abs or perky breasts, never are lost. Every day of our marriage we remind each other that we can sell the moon.

Lee says: Superior intellect and old souls are romantic as well. I still look into his eyes and still see such a spark of greatness. I remember doing this November of 1987 in my parent’s kitchen. It was a magical evening. The strongest thing we shared was some coffee and I will admit I had a few cigarettes. The conversation was so intense that when my parents came home at 2 in the morning (they had been on their boat and were going to leave for Catalina Island but the weather was bad and they decided to sleep there until the temp dropped and they headed home) there was no way I would send him home.

Even after so many years, he still fascinates me. This summer we have taken to watching all the episodes of ‘Lost’ since family and friends speak so highly of it. We set up the laptop with some good speakers out on the patio, fix up some drinks and voila`, we have a drive in. The other night he was complaining of the heat and I reminded him he was wearing a shirt. He took off his shirt and followed that up with his shorts, thus sitting there in the buff with a huge grin on his face. There wasn’t a lot of outside nakedness when we lived in California, but in Miami, outside nakedness is common. So we sat there watching the show while he made comments about how overdressed I was and how silly I was being.

I remember during one of the 30 second sponsor breaks I looked over to him and there, naked, in the darkness of our makeshift drive in, I saw the spark. Sure his beard and hair are graying and his back is messed up but his spark is still evident. Sure, it could have been the vodka but I’ll say it was love.

For the record, Solar Quest was a really stupid game that we finally got around to playing after we were already married. In this case, with this gift, it was definitely the thought that counted.   



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